2-man Ambrose was won by Don and David Wagstaff with 60 ¼ .

Runners-up David Hand and Tim McClelland scored 61 ¼ .

Gross winners, Ben and Neil Hinds had 68.

Runners-up Toby Sauni and David Harvey scored 69.

NTP 1/10 in A grade was Phil Kennedy and in B grade: David Hand. On 9/18 Toby Sauni was nearest.

Mixed 4BBB Stableford sponsored by Apollo Bay Gas and Electrical was won by Kerryn and David Wagstaff with 42 points.

Runners-up Nicole Newell and Ben Hinds had 40 points as did next best Jeanette and Mike Dodds.

2 nd next best D. Debon and M Gilbert 39 points, C/B 3 rd next best, Janice and Graeme McKenzie and 4 th best

Norma Begely and Neil Hinds 38 points on C/B from Joycie Henderson and Jason Newcombe, Jill and Scott Fowler and Stacey Thomas and Michael Hedger.

Nearest the pin 1/10 Women: Jenny McKeon, Men : Scott Fowler.

9/18 Women (2 nd shot) Kerryn Wagstaff, Men: David Wagstaff.